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Leading UK manufacturer, installer and maintainer of bespoke fire doorsets

Leading the development of PIBs & secure information boxes

Leading provider of fire safety to the social housing sector

Leading the creation of compliant Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

Leading the move to greater fire safety and security for over 25 years

Gerda Security Products are the leading UK manufacturer of high specification fire doorsets and FRS (Fire & Rescue Service) emergency access systems, designed for a safer built environment.

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Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

As part of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, it’s a legal requirement by responsible persons for all multi-occupied residential buildings with storeys over 11m in height to undertake quarterly checks of all fire doors in the common parts and annual checks of all flat entrance doors. At Gerda Security Products we can provide an annual maintenance service to ensure your building always stay safe and secure within the regulations

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G-Smart App

G-Smart App

The Gerda G-Smart app helps you stay on top of your products’ and your building’s needs. Maintain your products appropriately, see what products you have installed easily, and more!

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National Installation

National Installation

To be sure your Gerda products are installed correctly and will provide the protection you expect, you should turn to the Gerda national installation team. Learn more about these professionals below.

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Premises Plans

Premises Plans

Held securely in our Premises Information Boxes, Gerda premises plans are designed to aid Fire & Rescue services in the event of an emergency by providing information in a standardised format.

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About Us

About Us

Known for our innovation and extensive library of primary test evidence we provide customers with solutions for both new and existing built environments. Gerda Security Products operates nationwide from manufacturing sites across Suffolk and the South East with our head office in Mildenhall and regional office in Manchester. Passionate about our rigorously primary tested and expertly manufactured fire doorset ranges, we’re proud to provide customers with the optimum doorset solutions and EAS

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What is the difference between a PIB and SIB?

They’re the same, a Premises Information Box (PIB) is the original Gerda name for a secure facility to store information about a building for use by the fire service during an incident, which is now also know by the generic term secure information box (SIB). PIBs are referred to in the initial Grenfell Tower Inquiry and FIA NFCC Code of Practice (for the provision of Premises Information Boxes in Residential Buildings) with the regulations simply referring to secure information boxes (now termed SIB).

With a Gerda PIB you’re installing the original SIB developed with the fire and rescue service.

How do I go about providing an Emergency Response Pack?

Having worked with the FIA/NFCC on the ERP guidelines (as acknowledged in the Code of Practice listed on regulation 6), Gerda provides a complete ERP Plan Service with annual audit & maintenance option for total piece-of-mind.

Do I need new plans every year?

As a minimum the regulations require the RP (responsible person) to inspect annually and ensure contents are up to date, which Gerda can do as part of a 5-year ERP Plans Service and Maintenance Package. Although your plans will only need renewing if any of the required elements have changed.

Do you offer maintenance services?

Yes, Gerda offers an array of maintenance services to ensure the longevity of our solutions. Additionally, our annual maintenance program can be tied to your fire safety risk assessment schedule.

Does my local Fire Brigade use Gerda’s One Key System?

A majority of UK Fire & Rescue services carry Gerda One Key system master keys. Feel free to contact us to find out if your local services are registered with us.

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