Emergency Response Pack

Emergency Response Pack

Emergency Response Pack (ERP)

The Emergency Response Pack (ERP) populates the secure Premises Information Box™ (PIB®) and includes important building plans and information in an A3 format to be used by the Fire and Rescue Service as referenced in Approved Document B June 2022 amendments and Fire Safety (England) 2022 Regulation 6.

This includes orientation, on-arrival information, floor plans, vertical sections detailing all floors and flat numbers, specific firefighting equipment, significant fire safety issues and evacuation strategy. Gerda Security Products Ltd are leaders in the provision of premises plans and information in the operational format required for firefighter use.

Fire and Rescue Service Access

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Emergency Response Pack

Emergency Response Pack Service (ERP)

  • ERP Plans Service delivering clear and relevant information for the FRS
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP) service as per FIA/NFCC Code of Practice
  • Immediate access for FRS use
  • 18 years experience in working on ERP guidance for firefighters
  • Digital customer copies provided
  • Assists the FRS to evacuate residents safely out of their building
  • Full survey service by qualified experts
  • Assists with Fire Safety (England) 2022 Regulation 6
Emergency Response Pack Service (ERP)

Key Features

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The FIA/NFCC Code of Practice outlines the type of plans and information required for the Emergency Information Pack (ERP) importantly used in firefighter operations.

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Bespoke Services
Bespoke Services

Bespoke Services

Our bespoke service caters for Emergency Response Plans (ERP) through a comprehensive building survey conducted by skilled professionals.

The A3-format plans are specifically designed for fire and rescue service use, aligning with the requirements outlined in the Approved Document B June 2022 amendments and Fire Safety (England) 2022 Regulation 6.

As pioneers in the field, Gerda Security Products excels in delivering premises plans and information tailored to the operational needs of firefighters.

Our efficient and professional ERP Service adheres to the FIA / NFCC Code of Practice, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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How do I find out more about legislative requirements

We conduct comprehensive, third party certified, CPD presentations on latest fire safety legislation and our teams represent trade associations working closely with industry. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are well placed to assist.

We have a requirement for fire safety works – what differentiates Gerda Security from other suppliers?

We are a manufacturer who owns our designs; our primary test evidence and innovation. Find out more about our journey, our production tours and our centre of training & innovation.

We would like to find out more about your products, where can we view these?

We offer product presentations as well as training courses at our newly launched centre of training & innovation. Please enquire for further details.

Do you offer CPD presentations?

We offer a wide range of third party certified CPD presentations. These can be linked to our training courses. Please enquire for futher details.

How do I go about providing an Emergency Response Pack?

Having worked with the FIA/NFCC on the ERP guidelines (as acknowledged in the Code of Practice listed on Gov.uk regulation 6), Gerda provides a complete ERP Plan Service with annual audit & maintenance option for total piece-of-mind.


Trade membership

Trade membership

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Product third party certifications fire doorsets

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Product third party certifications Emergency Access Systems