Fire and Rescue Service Access

Fire and Rescue Service Access

Emergency Access Systems

GSP Emergency Access Systems are designed to offer access to building owners/managers for their own tailored locking system/s using their key/s; whilst the Fire and Rescue Service gain entry through their GSP One Key® System.

In the early phases of an emergency, time is of the essence operationally, so effective access is crucial.

The GSP One Key® System, designed to assist effective access, means the Fire and Rescue Service access all Emergency Access Systems with the One Key; not needing to carry several keys – vital in terms of key recognition and response for the Fire and Rescue Service.

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Emergency Access Systems

  • EAS Systems are immediately accessible to the FRS through their GSP One Key® System
  • Building providers have their own bespoke keys for their EAS system/s
  • Extensively performance tested
  • Recognised focal points for the Fire and Rescue Service
  • Signage and finishes designed for FRS use
  • Systems able to be suited to building owners/manager needs with maintenance in mind
Emergency Access Systems

Key Features

Emergency Access Systems are designed to provide building owners/managers with high performance products for areas of restricted access, whilst enabling operational use for the Fire and Recuse Service.

Proven systems over 20 years.

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Emergency Access Products
Emergency Access Products

Emergency Access Products

Emergency Access Products offer specific solutions from Evacuation Alert & Indicating Control Equipment protection to the H System® for securing of plant & service rooms (areas of restricted access).

The systems include the range of secure information boxes, Premises Information Boxes®, the Barrier Gate lock® for securing areas of vehicular access and the latest Firefighter Access Switch (GFS)™.

Designed for the building owner / manager with their own tailored locking system/s, accessible using their keys, whilst the Fire & Rescue Service can gain access using the GSP One Key® System.

We are able to offer a range of solutions for the building portfolio tailored to an organisation’s buildings.

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We conduct comprehensive, third party certified, CPD presentations on latest fire safety legislation and our teams represent trade associations working closely with industry. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are well placed to assist.

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