Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation (EACIE)™

The EACIE Enclosure™ forms part of an evacuation alert system, for use specifically for the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) in buildings with flats or maisonettes. The EACIE Enclosure™, designed in accordance with BS8629, houses evacuation alert control and indicating equipment (EACIE).

Its function is to aid the Fire and Rescue Service in effectively managing fire incidents. The enclosed electrical panel, positioned within the enclosure, enables the Fire and Rescue Service to oversee and control building evacuation. This is achieved through the use of specific switches that both indicate and control evacuation procedures on various floors.

Fire and Rescue Service Access

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Emergency Evacuation

The EACIE Enclosure™ (EACIE)

  • The EACIE Enclosure™ is constructed from steel
  • Highly secure, tested to STS205 BR2
  • Third Party Certification: Certisecure CS 5115
  • EACIE Enclosure™ is designed to mitigate against corrosion and weathering
  • Fitted with the specialist EACIE™ signage
  • The door handle is attached to the right side of the door and is positioned centrally
  • The lock is designed to be operated by GSP One Key® System used by the FRS
The EACIE Enclosure™ (EACIE)

Key Features

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The EACIE Enclosure™, designed and developed to BS 8629:2019+A1-2023, houses the EACIE evacuation system.

A proven system in high rise new build housing and a legal requirement.

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The EACIE Enclosure™ stands as a crucial element in an evacuation alert system tailored for the Fire & Rescue Service in buildings featuring flats or maisonettes. This enclosure houses the evacuation alert control and indicating equipment (EACIE).

We work In collaboration with leading manufacturers including Advanced, C-TEC, Honeywell, Kentec, Johnson Controls and Protec to ensure the integration of high-quality EACIE evacuation alert control and indicating equipment.

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Protecting evacuation alert control and indicating equipment against unauthorised use is paramount given its critical role in ensuring safe and efficient building evacuations upon the Fire & Rescue Service’s arrival.

The development of the EACIE is driven by the imperative to protect this essential equipment while facilitating access for the FRS through the secure GSP One Key® System.

This innovative solution strikes a balance between security and accessibility. The EACIE Enclosure™ is successfully tested to STS205 Issue 5 BR2 (level ll) – “Requirements for burglary resistance of security cabinets & security enclosures” and is Secured by Design approved.



Gerda Security is at the forefront of innovation, bringing together solutions to meet fire safety and security. Gerda Security Products are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in their market place. Our manufacturing capability reflects this ethos with state-of-the-art equipment.

The EACIE Enclosure™ has been designed and developed in accordance with British Standard BS8629:2019

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