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Innovation by Gerda defines us and our products. We work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of safe and effective design, bringing security and fire safety to meet our clients’ needs.

Gerda’s expertise in secure design is no secret, and innovation by Gerda in the fire safety industry has already met the needs of many of our customers.

Our manufactory uses state-of-the-art-equipment, leading to products that are as robust and durable as modern processes allow. 

We have also developed and invested in bespoke software, which has led to enhancements to our manufacturing and surveying system. Dimensions and data are automatically cross checked throughout the ordering process, meaning our fire doorsets effectively meet a building’s requirements. There is no end to innovation by Gerda, and we are always working on new ways to make our products the best they can be. Choose Gerda Security, and discover how much we can improve your fire safety system today.

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