Installation , Fire Doorsets

Installation , Fire Doorsets

The Importance of Installation

Fire doorsets play a critical role in ensuring building safety by preventing the spread of fire, stopping toxic smoke and assisting in the resistance of heat conduction in escape routes. No matter how good the design and how precision-engineered the manufacture, their performance is also reliant on correct, effective installation in line with manufacturer’s installation instructions.

From a doorset’s inception at survey stage, we ensure parameters are within the exacting remit of our extensive test evidence through our G-Smart App, feeding into manufacturing. We mitigate risk through pre-hung doorsets and comprehensive installation instructions. Our sealing to structure options are based on our wide-reaching primary-owned test evidence.


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  • We carry third party certification for fire door installation and inspection
  • We work only with third party certified installers
  • We own our doorset designs & primary test evidence & can installation know-how
  • Our G-Smart App offers the Installation Module enabling third parties to install the doorsets, maintaining the life-cycle of the doorset
  • We have extensive proven experience of managing large supply & install programmes

Key Feature

Our recently launched Centre of Training & Innovation offers a great training resource and the opportunity to view the doorsets both for our third party certified installer partners and importantly for our clients.

Not only do we demonstrate how the doorsets are manufactured in our Suffolk sites, we highlight important aspects of fire doorset installation along with fire stopping techniques through our approved partners.

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Quality of Installations
Delivering Fire Doorsets


As we develop and own our doorset design, we are able to innovate to include for installation needs.

We developed the timber modular frame system which all our ranges utilise and which is extensively tested and certified.

This system offers installers the flexibility to transport sections of the frame configurations and install on site. With precisely manufactured frames, doorsets are fitted in line with test evidence and certification.

Each uniquely-coded doorset is completely finished to a high standard and pre-hung wtih the exception of items that could be damaged in transit, shipped in their accompanying secure fixed hardware box, coded alike .

Quality of Installations

Quality of Installations

We ensure quality of installations for both supply and install doorset programmes, and supply only.

Where our installation teams / third party certified installation partners have carried out installations, we inspect on site to ensure that the doorsets have been fitted correctly referencing our installation instructions and the correct sealing to structure methodology is used as per our test evidence detailed in the instructions.

This information is digitally recorded.

The G-Smart App for installation is available for third parties to use nationwide and employs a step by step guide with photo stages. This offers the housing provider / building provider an auditable digital record.

Delivering Fire  Doorsets

Delivering Fire Doorsets

Delivering fire doorset programmes with high resident engagement is important as highlighted in the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

In our experience, having worked as the main contractor in a number of doorset replacement programmes, we see that residents respond positively to inclusion.

Direct access to the manufacturer, delivering and installing the doorsets, assists communications with responsive, tailored services for survey dates; colour choices and installation arrangements.

With knowledgeable site-based and office-based resident liaison officers, residents have a choice of how they choose to respond, either face to face or through multi-channel engagement: SMS texts, tracked letters, phone and email.



Installation is part of our sustainability journey.

Surveying doorsets on the digital life-cycle management App, ensures criteria is within test and certification evidence remit, whilst reducing dependency on paper-based activity.

Precision-manufactured doorsets include fully automated CNCs & robotics to drive the level of quality and efficiency needed for fire safety products, whilst streamlining waste reduction and lowering energy intensity.  Our doorset ranges, comprising sustainable, robust and bio-degradeable materials, utilise product packaging – 96% of which is recyclable and bio-degradable.

The doorsets are shipped as complete pre-hung entities from one single source from our distribution centre. Delivering to warehouse hubs from which our installer teams and partners collect, assisting with carbon footprint reduction.

Doorset installation details are recorded digitally for traceability and to improve efficiencies and reduce waste.

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How do I find out more about legislative requirements

We conduct comprehensive, third party certified, CPD presentations on latest fire safety legislation and our teams represent trade associations working closely with industry. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are well placed to assist.

We have a requirement for fire safety works – what differentiates Gerda Security from other suppliers?

We are a manufacturer who owns our designs; our primary test evidence and innovation. Find out more about our journey, our production tours and our centre of training & innovation.

We would like to find out more about your products, where can we view these?

We offer product presentations as well as training courses at our newly launched centre of training & innovation. Please enquire for further details.

Do you offer CPD presentations?

We offer a wide range of third party certified CPD presentations. These can be linked to our training courses. Please enquire for futher details.