Installation, Emergency Access Systems

Installation, Emergency Access Systems

Installation of the Emergency Access Systems is an important consideration in product design and manufacture. To ensure correct operation, they should be installed referencing manufacturer instructions, using the template where applicable, onto the right type of substrate.

Innovative features enable the installer straightforward installation, without the need of a key, for the Premises Information Box Systems (PIBs) and EACIE Enclosures.

To ensure your Emergency Access Systems are fitted correctly and pass scrutiny, we offer a comprehensive installation service through our team of experienced, qualified installers and third-party approved installers.

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  • We offer an installation service with qualified & experienced installers
  • Correct installation is vital to the longevity of the product
  • Under the new building control regime HRBs will contain essential firefighting equipment which will be checked at Gateway 3
  • We offer piece of mind knowing that these Emergency Access Systems used by the Fire and Rescue Service, are properly installed & will pass scrutiny
  • Discounts available for multiple locations

Key Feature

Our recently launched Centre of Training & Innovation offers a great training resource and the opportunity to view the emergency access systems in situ. This is for our third party certified installer partners and importantly also for our clients.

Not only do we demonstrate the importance of the emergency access systems, designed and developed by our Technical department at our Suffolk site, we highlight important aspects of the emergency access systems’ installation, including risk assessment considerations.

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The Original SIB
Firefighter Switch
EACIE Enclosure
Access Control Box
H System
Barrier Gate
Drop Key
The Original SIB

(PIB)® - the Original SIB

The range of secure Premises Information Box Systems (PIBs) is supplied with comprehensive installation instructions and template for correct positioning.

Designed to be fitted without the need for a key, giving the installer greater flexibility.

For peace of mind and knowing that your investment has been properly installed and passes scrutiny, contact our EAS team for a detailed proposal on our installation service.

Firefighter Switch

Firefighter Access Switch (GFS)™

NEW – the latest product development within the Emergency Access Systems range of products, is the Firefighter Access Switch.

Designed to replace the fireman’s switch plates where the security has been compromised through the wide availability of the ‘drop key’, the Firefighter Access Switch automatically has an extended warranty when installed thrrough our installation service.

Tailored specifically to the building provider it offers designated access to the Fire and Rescue Service whilst giving back access management to the building provider / responsible person.

Contact our EAS team for a detailed proposal.

EACIE Enclosure

The EACIE Enclosure™

The EACIE Enclosure, designed to the exacting specification of BS8629:2019+A1:2023, is available through our EACIE partners.

Tested and certified to STS 205 BR2, the EACIE Enclosure is tailored for installation specifically for first and second fixings.

For more information on EACIE Enclosures please contact our EAS team

Access Control Box

Access Control Box (ACB)™

The Access Control Box or ACB is designed to protect the Access Control Switch in New Builds. The ACB sits over the access switch used for firefigher operational purposes.

Specified by Secured by Design for keys only to be available to the Fire & Rescue Service, the ACB is designed to be installed without the use of a key.

For peace of mind and knowing that your investment has been properly installed and passes scrutiny, contact our EAS team for a detailed proposal on our installation service.

H System

H System®

The H System is a third party certified kitemarked system for security. It is a high performance robust and reliable locking system for areas of restricted access, including plant and service rooms. and is tailored to a building providers requirements.

If a fire rated H System lock is required, then please refer to our Service Room doorset ranges, which offer this locking systems as part of the complete tested and certified doorsets.

For more details to suit your requirements on this range, please contact the EAS team.

Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate Lock (BGL)®

Barrier Gate Locks are designed and tailored to  building providers’ requirements.

For vehicular access management on estates, the barrier gate lock system comes with comprehensive instructions and can be fitted to new and existing gates.

We offer an installation service through our experienced third-party installers. Find out more information from the EAS team.

Drop Key

The Drop Key protection Box (DPB)™

The Drop Key Box provides a solution to address the issues posed by the compromised fireman’s switch plates with drop keys.

Suited to a building provider’s requirements, the Drop Key Box offers proven security whilst enabling fire and rescue service access.

The latest Firefighter Access Switch is recommended as a complete, neat and secure replacement for the fireman’s switch plate, improving access for attending firefighters.

For more information please contact our EAS team.

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How do I find out more about legislative requirements

We conduct comprehensive, third party certified, CPD presentations on latest fire safety legislation and our teams represent trade associations working closely with industry. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are well placed to assist.

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We are a manufacturer who owns our designs; our primary test evidence and innovation. Find out more about our journey, our production tours and our centre of training & innovation.

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We offer product presentations as well as training courses at our newly launched centre of training & innovation. Please enquire for further details.

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We offer a wide range of third party certified CPD presentations. These can be linked to our training courses. Please enquire for futher details.