Maintenance, Fire Doorsets

Maintenance, Fire Doorsets

Annual Maintenance, for Fire Doorsets Ranges

Following the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase I Report, Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 made it a legal requirement in January 2023 for responsible persons for all multi-occupied residential buildings in England with 11m high buildings, to undertake quarterly checks of all fire doors (including self-closing devices) in the common parts and to undertake annual checks of all flat entrance doors (including self-closing devices) leading onto a building’s common parts.

Doorset design plays an integral part with features to assist maintenance, along with traceability of maintenance and repairs now being an integral part of building safety.

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Maintenance - Can We Assist?

  • As we design & test all our ranges, we are best placed to advise on maintenance
  • Our annual maintenance plan assists with extended warranty
  • We carry third party certification for maintenance of fire doorsets
  • Find out more about maintenance at our Centre of Training & Innovation.
  • Our G-Smart App offers maintenance management with integral Spare Parts catalogue.
Maintenance -  Can We Assist?

Key Feature

We design, develop and extensively test for optimum performance. Doorsets are engineered with interdependent components, so it’s crucial parts in the design are also used in maintenance.

Swapping a component / intumescent could adversely impact the doorset’s performance in a fire. So we offer replacement kits, including the component, its intumescent and fixings.

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Fault Reporting
In-built life-cycle management


We design high specification, reliable, extensively tested doorsets you can rely on. In everyday use, where the doorset is protecting the home or communal area, keeping it well insulated, assisting with noise reduction and then importantly, in the event of fire, when it is called upon to perform.

In our designs we aim to add in that bit of innovation to assist in keeping doorsets in good condition and to prevent misuse. Features from quiet closure to concealed overhead door closers; drop down smoke seals; robust frame design.

Design features to assist with longevity and to reduce maintenance costs.

Fault Reporting

Fault Reporting

Fire Safety regulation 10 requires responsible persons to provide to residents of multi-occupied residential buildings, information on the importance of fire doors to a building’s fire safety.
Our residential ranges are accompanied by a Welcome Guide, giving information about the importance of the fire doorset, its operation and how to look after it.

The G-Smart App offers the capability to ‘Report a Fault’, simply by scanning the G-Smart-QR-code on the doorset – no need to download the App. This functionality can assist in addressing faults as they arise, and links to the Spare Parts module for replacement kits ordering as required.

In-built life-cycle management

In-built life-cycle management

Traceability is at the core of the life of our doorsets, from inception at survey stage through to manufacture, onto installation and then through to maintenance and repair.

G-Smart App, our system of digital life-cycle management, can track each doorset through its unique code.

The maintenance module integrating with the task manager module means that planned maintenance can take place with live updates between office and on-site teams.

Integrated within this is the spare parts module, where kits can be ordered or requested.

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How do I find out more about legislative requirements

We conduct comprehensive, third party certified, CPD presentations on latest fire safety legislation and our teams represent trade associations working closely with industry. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are well placed to assist.

We have a requirement for fire safety works – what differentiates Gerda Security from other suppliers?

We are a manufacturer who owns our designs; our primary test evidence and innovation. Find out more about our journey, our production tours and our centre of training & innovation.

We would like to find out more about your products, where can we view these?

We offer product presentations as well as training courses at our newly launched centre of training & innovation. Please enquire for further details.

Do you offer CPD presentations?

We offer a wide range of third party certified CPD presentations. These can be linked to our training courses. Please enquire for futher details.